SHOTO was founded by Hanshi Mick Randall MBE, 10th Dan in 1996  

Hanshi Randall was also one of the original founders of the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) in 1966, of Shotokan Karate International (SKI) in 1971, the English Shotokan Karate Association (ESKA) in 1978 and the Shotokan Karate Association (SKA) in 1984

Sensei Paul Walker (SKIF 6th Dan) teaches in California - his Karate resume includes three years training at the SKIF Honbu Dojo in Japan under Soke Kanazawa.  Author of the "Shotokan Sensei" youtube channel containing numerous kata & training videos which he has very kindly pemitted SSSK to link to directly. Please visit the site ( link here ) and leave some deserving feedback. Oss!

Sensei Seamus O'Dowd (SKIF 6th Dan) teaches in Ireland and travels regularly to teach overseas. I recall seeing him perform a No Bo kata demonstration at Kodakai Watford circa 2009 and then attending the first official Kanazawa No Bo Dai course in Winchester in November 2010. Seamus and his son Conall co-author an informative "Karate Instruction" youtube channel (link here) I recommend that you check it out and subscribe. Oss!

Modern Karate

Sensei Mick Power (5th Dan) at Hatfield Heath has a great teaching style, very inclusive and insightful. So often I have come away from his lessons either having learnt something new or revisited existing knowledge from a fresh perspective


Milton Keynes School of Karate Jutsu

Sensei Derek Bradbury (5th Dan) from Kissaki Kai - always an interesting lesson normally involving getting up off the floor. 

Yamashiro Kai
Sensei Jamie Pilcher (SKKIF 3rd Dan) and his students made us feel very welcome when we visited whilst on holiday in 2009 down in Gulval, Cornwall - Oss guys

Leventhorpe Leisure Centre - a fabulous new sports facility for the Leventhorpe Academy that is also open to the public.