Our philosophy on lesson and grading fees is simple, you only pay for those that you attend.
Whilst SSSK is run on a "not for profit" basis inevitably there are some costs such as premises hire and insurance that need to be covered. Association fees cover your SHOTO/EKF registration which ensures that you are covered by your instructor’s insurance policy.
We use a simplified traditional Kyu grade coloured belt structure with no intermediate belts. Whilst this means fewer gradings than at some other clubs there is no compromise on the time it takes to attain black belt standard with a minimum six months between brown belt gradings.

Lesson Fees
First lesson is free  (normally January is free to all new beginners - the instructor will confirm)
Junior (under 16) £4.00
Senior (16 and over) £5.00
We want to encourage parents and their kids to train together so we are happy to offer a discount on training fees when parents join in - ask your instructor

Grading Fees
Start at £12 for 10th Kyu rising to £30 for the 1st Kyu grading
Grading fee includes a belt (except for 4th, 2nd and 1st Kyu) and a certificate

Annual SHOTO association / EKF licence fee
Junior (under 16) £20
Senior (16 and over) £30

Discounts for family groups are available - ask your instructor

Please download and return the completed form to your instructor

Club Membership

There are currently no annual club membership fees payable - However, all

members are expected to complete an application form.