A Thoughtful Day

Today at 10.30 am on 29th June 2020 I attended the funeral of Hanshi Mick Randall MBE via video link. The congregation was understandably small but the service was well presented and fitting.

It was immediately apparent how many lives Sensei Randall has touched with his lifetime of dedication to teaching Shotokan Karate for over fifty years. The service highlighted his humble beginnings and charted his teaching career and masonic work.

I met Sensei quite late in his career and I am forever grateful and indebted to him for his invitation to join SHOTO. I was intent on opening up my own club but found myself between associations at the time, Sensei was both gracious and understanding of my predicament and offered me a home in SHOTO and so we began an excellent relationship lasting for 9 years. Through him I have met so many knowledgeable karate-ka, many of whom I am pleased to call friends / mentors. More recently, I was taken aback to be asked by him to acquire a cup (at his expense) to award annually to the student who had constantly endeavoured to improve.

Happy to meet, sorry to part and happy to meet again,

until the next time, Oss Sensei

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